Monday, September 17, 2012

A Computer Lab in Amatongas

Thirty used, but very nice, computers arrived in Amatongas yesterday with great fanfair. Thanks to our friends in Spain at ATM (Friends of the Third World) for this incredible donation to our students in Amatongas. I can't imagine there being too many schools in Mozambique with computer labs this nice. We are indeed blessed. We also want to thank our school in Rome, Cristo Rei, for providing the funds to renovate the classrooms with new lighting, electrical outlets, windows and painting. All we need now is to get the internet hooked up. We have only been waiting for the new internet since January.

The truck finally arrives

The driver thought he would have to unload this himself.

Resident students helping to unload

The new lab with 30 computers

The Annual Dry Season Post

Four swings were finally added to the playground

Boarders enjoying soccer on the basketball court

Expanding the farm and doubling the size from last year
Yes, this part of Africa does have an annual dry season, but this is getting a little out of hand. I have been saying for the last few weeks that it hasn't rained in three months, so I can make that four months now I guess. I could use that as my excuse for not posting an update for a while. I was just waiting for the rains to come. Unfortunately, that is a terrible excuse and who knows when it will rain again.

Speaking of the rain, or lack of it, the dry weather has really caused many difficulties around here. Our 20 year old bore hole and 50 year old water tank is on its last leg. The security guard can only turn the pump on two hours at a time, letting it rest the next two hours, because the water level has to return to sufficient level for the pump to operate. We have been trying to find a better water source with very little luck. Water is now being rationed. I also hear the women are lining up at 4:00 AM to pump water for their family each day.

The Old Bore Hole struggles to keep up with demand

We found this old, dry bore hole site in our vegetable garden

This 50 year old tank also struggling and has many leaks
Drillers attempt to find water twice with no luck

Our first big litter of 10 piglets