Sponsor a Student in Amatongas, Mozambique for less than 1$/day

As a sponsor your gift will provide a student with:
      • School tuition, Three meals a day, School uniform
      • A safe, comfortable place to live
      • Hope for a future that would not be possible without your help

In return you will receive:
      • A photo and brief biography of your student
      • Letters from your student
      • Immeasurable gratitude from your student
      • Knowledge that you are changing someone’s life

Sponsors also have the opportunity to:
      • Send letters and photos to your student(s)
      • Visit your student on campus

Who can sponsor?
      • Individuals
      • Clubs
      • Classrooms
      • Businesses
      • Church Parishes
      • Families

Sponsorship Options
Sponsors pledge either $300 per year for a full sponsorship or $150 for a shared sponsorship. You may choose to give monthly, quarterly, or annually.

How Long Does Sponsorship Last?
We ask that you plan to stay with your student throughout his/her high school years (4-6 years). However, sometimes circumstances require a donor to discontinue sponsorship. At that point we immediately look for a new sponsor for the student.

Questions? Contact Br. Chris at brochris66@hotmail.com

Brothers of the Sacred Heart(BSH) Foundation “Amatongas Mission”
4600 Elysian Fields Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70122