Monday, February 28, 2011

Br. Lucas arrives

Br. Lucas finally arrived yesterday bringing our group together for the first time in Amatongas, and only a month after our planned arrival. He made the trip from Brazil with no problems and all of his four pieces of luggage. We travel to Chimoio on Friday to meet with the Bishop, who will officially welcome us to Mozambique.

Br. Chris, Br. Lucas and Br. Angel together in Amatongas

There was even more good news from Moz. today as I received approval for my Residency Visa. I had to travel to Maputo last week to get a stamp for some paperwork. Yes, three days of travel for one lousy stamp, amazing indeed. However, it's all done.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More pics

We decided to spend last weekend painting one of the classrooms in the school. A project we could actually complete and see progress, not an everyday thing. One of the windows had to be completely removed because of termite damage. There's no glass on any windows anyway, so no problem there.

We have been traveling to Chimoio more frequently to work on our resident visa's. Unfortunately, a few roadblocks have been encountered and it has taken longer than expected. Pray we will be successful today.

After a few bad days with stomach issues, we decided to boil all of our water used for consumption. We have had no problems since. 

Br. Angel and his spectators - They sang while we painted
After painting - Notice repaired desk as well
Before painting - Some water damage made scraping walls interesting
Resident students enjoying checkers using bottle caps

Friday, February 18, 2011

First Pics

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from Amatongas. It takes so long to download one, I'll have to leave the commentary until next time. No Internet, No newspaper, No Radio, No TV, No Phone. Amatongas, a great place though because of the people. God Bless you all for your support. If there's a place that needs it, it's here.

Sunset behind our house

Soccer team in new uniforms and new balls donated by Catholic High in Baton Rouge

Me with one of our boarding students, notice the Obama t-shirt

The son of one of the workers at school - I patched up his burned finger

Old desks needing repair - Anyone have 1000 bolts and nuts?

Morning sunrise from our front door 

Saturday, February 12, 2011


The word for the day is "Patience". There is so much to do here, but we must wait for things to be organized. We are still awaiting our third member of the community from Brazil, Br. Lucas. Br. Angel arrived from Spain about a week late and without his luggage which he has still not received. Even the carry on bag he brought with him was stolen in Beira while eating lunch, just one more for the book. We have spent our time trying to get our little community organized. We were provided a small guest house, however with nothing inside for cooking.

For all those sponsors out there awaiting the information on your student, I just ask for increased patience as well. It should only be a few more weeks. There are presently 32 boarding students and it is taking a little time getting to know them, getting pictures and other information from them. Please know I am working on it. Of course, not having interent in Amatongas is a major difficulty and we have to wait for a ride into the town of Chimoio to send e-mail and post. I again thank all of you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

First few days

Hello from Mozambique, So sorry it has taken so long to do this. There is no internet in Amatongas and we are taking our first trip to the thriving city of Chimoio, 50 Km to the west. I have limited time here in this internet cafe, not to mention the very slow computers and connection. I had an uneventful trip here with no delays and only one small problem with luggage, but most everything of importance made it through.

I have spent the first few days recovering from jet lag and getting accustumed to the place. It is quite beautiful with rolling hills and corn stalks growing in every nook and corner. They are expecting a great harvest do to the daily rains. Also, it cools down to the mid 70´s at night making it easy for sleeping.

The highlight of my first few days here was the mass outside in a very rural chapel, dirt floors and thatch roof.  It was an incredible experience I will cherish. The people were so hospitable and, of course, the singing was in perfect harmony.

Hopefully, I will have pictures for you soon. I don´t know how long it will take before we have internet, but it might be few weeks.