Here's a list of the projects we are presently hoping to begin in Amatongas.

-Classroom and desk repairs 
 Seventy students in a classroom, you can imagine the need for desks is just incredible.
Sustainable support projects – Creation and maintenance of school farm, Poultry and Pig projects – This is actually really exciting to create projects that will support the school in the future. There’s much money to be made in Pig farming.
-Boarding student financial assistance
 – Support a student who would not be able to afford boarding school tuition, about $300/year. Yes, that’s all it cost to feed, house and educate one student for a year. I will personally match a student(s) with you and send a picture and information. The real deal.

-Dorm repairs to boarding student residence, including bathrooms and kitchen
 – Yes, just about everything needs done here. Some of these repairs have already started with the help of a Spanish NGO. However, we want to increase the number of boarders, so more beds will be needed. 

-Computer Lab and Internet Access –
 Perhaps you know of  someone in the technology industry that could help us get this off the ground. I'm looking for used laptops as well. So, if you are getting an upgrade, let me know if I can take that old one off your hands and put it to good use..

-Technical School Equipment
 – The brothers in Rome want us to include a technical school operating alongside the present school. This means we will need tools and equipment.

Playground Equipment – This really means soccer (futebole) balls, nets and uniforms as well as basketballs and nets. There's a basketball court on campus as well, but it needs a complete renovation with new rims and backboards.