Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amatongas welcomes volunteers

Mark Clements and Michael Kline visit boarding students in Amatongas
Many thanks to our first two volunteers to visit us in Amatongas. Michael Kline and Mark Clements, both graduates of Catholic High in Baton Rouge and students at LSU, arrived Wednesday, June 15 with much needed soccer equipment. Thanks to the efforts of Bo Cassidy, CHS Soccer Coach, and Third Coast Soccer the volunteers delivered 6 bags of soccer balls, jerseys, and other supplies. 

Thanks Bo Cassidy and 3rd Coast Soccer for the new balls and jerseys

The local children in Amatongas with new jersey's from 3rd Coast Soccer
Other news from Amatongas

We finally welcomed the fourth member of our community when Brother Fabian Jongwe arrived from Zimbabwe on Sunday. 

Amatongas Community: Angel, Lucas, Fabian and Chris

The brothers new residence is about two months from completion, but by the time this gets out on the internet the good news is that the roof is finished. Now work continues on the electricity and water.

The 4 brothers will live on the top floor of this old Franciscan residence

After cutting and clearing the large property in front of the school, we found and rented a tractor to disc the land and make it more suitable for planting, quite an accomplishment after 2 months of hard work. We will most likely plant beans and corn here for the students and possibly to sell.

Finally, the little guy below is a Puff Adder killed by one of our workers with a sling shot. It's double the size of one I killed myself. The people say they this one is very big. I agree.

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