Monday, August 22, 2011

Buying Goats

I haven't been carrying my camera around enough, so many opportunities for great photos are lost. Seems like things happen every day and "I wish I would have had my camera" comes out of my mouth again. However, since I remembered to bring my camera yesterday afternoon when we went to buy goats, I thought I would post them below. We are starting to purchase some animals as part of our Sustainable Support Projects. Projects we hope will support the school for years to come. Also, we wanted to buy the goats locally to help the people of Amatongas.

The Sunset
 Amazingly, as much as I say Amatongas is a small village, it really is quite large, 36,000 people. We got a better understanding of just how large when we traveled to look at the goats. Thanks to our rugged Land Cruiser, we made it through some tough trails and then walked up a hill to visit a family.

The Family
I am sure the money we used to purchase two goats can feed this family for a few months. Also, looking around I saw no water. I am sure the women spend a better part of the day carrying water, perhaps for hours.
The Goats

The House on the Hill
 They laughed at me when I kept taking pictures. The pictures don't do it justice. The sunset was incredible, truly Africa.
The Sunset 2

The Trail

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