Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Backyard Adventure in Amatongas

There was no way I could adequately cover this volunteer trip in one blog post so you will have to put up with a few more.

I knew from the beginning the kids would love the new playground, but I wasn't prepared for such a response. Since the completion last week there is not a second when the playground isn't full kids. It's almost like they have never seen a swing before, which is probably not far from the truth, certainly not a tire swing or rock wall.

Thank you once again Chuck and Amy Saia at Backyard Adventures in Baton Rouge. You will never fully realize the impact of your gift to these kids. I know you will appreciate the smiling faces in these pictures.

One minute there's 20 and the next there's 30-40 

Some are just not sure about the rock wall

Tire swing is a huge hit, just need 10 more

Still waiting on sand for the sand boxes...

...and one more beam for more swings

HIA group is welcomed by the dancing group at the primary school
Thanks again to the HIA volunteers who built the playground.

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