Sunday, October 21, 2012

Amatongas Farm Continues to Grow

We had been hearing people talk for over a year about some land the mission could use for farming. Little did we know that it was located in a valley next to a small river which even now after 6 months of no rain still has water. Once we realized its great potential we couldn't hesitate and started clearing and plowing immediately to get it ready for the rainy season. After 6 weeks of hard work we now have planted 5 hectares of corn (12.5 acres) and 1 hectare of beans (2.5 acres). This farm is about 5 kilometers from the mission down a rough dirt road, but well worth the trip. There is a great possibility we could expand more next year to maybe as much as 10-12 hectares. As you see, the importance of acquiring a tractor has increased greatly.

Our farms are an essential means of providing sustainability for our future, both as food for the boarders and income for the mission. Please pray for rain especially during these critical two weeks after planting. Adding these 6 hectares to the 5 hectares near the school, should if all goes well, help us immensely next year.

Standing here with some of the local kids near the new farm. 
We rented a tractor to disc and grade.
It cost a great deal, but much needed.

Our water source we plan to use for irrigation
during the next dry season for year round planting

Br. Fabian with the local children.
They enjoyed running after the tractor and catching mice.
The huts in the background will be used
by a family to provide extra security at the farm.

Our boarders take a Saturday to help plant over 100 Kgs of corn.
They will be eating this corn in about 4 months!!!

Boarders enjoyed lunch cooked out at the farm. A great adventure.

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