Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Harvest Begins

The corn harvest began last week in Amatongas even though it has been raining a great deal. Our first job is to harvest the corn on our farm next to the Mutuchila river, about 5 hectares. The ground is wet but the corn is dry and we couldn't wait any longer. Just about every day we bring in one or two loads in our 5 ton trailer.

On Saturday mornings our boarders load up and help us with the harvest. Many hands help get much work done in a short amount of time.

We can take about 40 students at a time down to Mutuchila.

 Though they like to complain like most teenagers, they have a lot of fun. Most realize also that this is their food they're collecting, so why not help a little.

The pictures below are of the new classrooms being built for the primary school across the street from our school. We are helping construct four new classrooms in order to relieve some of the overcrowding. Presently, some primary school classes use our classrooms. With the addition of many new students in our secondary school the new classrooms for the primary school were sorely needed, both for them and us.

Quality construction not always seen in Mozambique.

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