Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mass with the Bishop at Santa Clara

The Bishop of the Diocese of Chimoio, the famous Bishop Francisco Silota, began his pastoral visit to our parish this week. During his visit he takes the time to celebrate Mass at one of the many satellite rural churches within the parish. Today our three volunteers joined the Bishop and the priests of the parish at the Community of Santa Clara, about 20 kilometers north of Amatongas.

The church at the Community of Santa Clara

Bishop Francisco Silota

No stained windows, marble floors, or statues.
Just great spirit.
There's something about mass in a rustic church with people who live in houses built in a similar fashion. Nothing against the big multi-million dollar cathedrals, but the spirit in this church can't be beat. Though the differences are startling, it must be said that the same body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ is present in each. It saddens me when I read more and more about the many problems people have with how mass is celebrated and under what conditions. The great love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus reaches out to all and through all. I was blessed today to experience his love at Santa Clara.

In this church there's no lack of dancing, clapping and singing.

Our volunteers with the Bishop

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