Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Gas Kitchen thanks to Manos Unidas

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Manos Unidas we have a new kitchen. No more cooking on the floor over a wood fire. In addition to the two new burners we were able to purchase a new industrial vent, pots and utensils as well as a beautiful new sink and table to prepare and store meals. We are indeed blessed to have Manos Unidas on our side. The kitchen also received a new floor, new windows and paint, though it could use another coat or 10 to cover the years of black soot.

Our wonderful cooks, two special ladies loving their new home.

New gas powered cookers with new pots as well.
Gas tanks

New deep sink, even the cat loves.
 Our baker is happy as well because we now have an electric oven. He now can bake 500 rolls a day, but in half the time.
Our baker loves his new electric oven.

Over 500 rolls a day

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