Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another School Year Begins in Amatongas

I realized recently that have been posting many pictures on facebook and some people don't use facebook. So, for various reasons, one being historical archive purposes, I'm posting all the stuff I uploaded on facebook recently to this blog.

The beginning of the school year in Amatongas has seen many differences from the past two years. Over 1,200 students began the year with 120 resident students. The increased numbers are due in part to the reputation of the school, but also because of the governments decision to cancel our night school. The reasons for this are too difficult to go into detail here, but it is unfortunate for the students who work all day and don't have the opportunity to go to school at night. However, for the brothers at least it gives us a little break in the busy schedule.

One change you immediately notice this year is the increased presence of students and teachers around the school all day. Students and teachers seem to be taking education more seriously.

Students check out books all day from the library

Students in class hard at work

The classrooms are looking great

The school is a buzz of activity all day

The library stays packed all day with students studying

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