Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Begins

After a little hassle I received my visa for Brazil a few days ago. I had been thinking of creating a blog in order to keep family and friends updated on my new experience and thought this would be a good time to begin, so here goes.
I’ll be leaving for Brazil October 1 and living with our Brothers while taking language classes in Portuguese. Now, I know what you’re saying, “Portuguese, he’s going to learn Portuguese. He can’t even speak English.” Which, of course is true, but I can't let that stop me. Once I return for Brazil, I'll be home for about a month before departing for Amatongas in early February.
It is a humbling feeling knowing I'll be one of the first Brothers in a new country. However, I think God has lead me to this point as a religious and if it is going to work it will be because God wants it to work. Upon learning I would be one of four Brothers from around the world joining in this new mission, prayer has come so easy. There is literally so much to pray about. I keep think of the story of the rich man in the gospels. No matter where we are in our lives, God continues to call us to be better, to do more, to go beyond what you think you can do alone. God continues to remind us that it's not about us. It's about serving others with God's Love.
I hope I can keep this blog updated with my experiences, to be sure there will be many. And knowing there are people back home supporting me is just as humbling.

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I will be following your adventure.

Joe Monti