Monday, September 6, 2010

How long will you be there?

If there is one question I get asked at least once a day it's this one, "How long are you going to be there?" It's a natural question I suppose, but as I think about it, why is everyone so fixated on this?

What's really strange is I keep thinking back to my experiences in Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. I have been making short mission trips to St. Anne's Mission in Klagetoh, Arizona for the past 10 years or so. Br. John Hotstream has been out there for the past 15 years doing some really great work in the parish. Anyway, I guess the Navajo have seen missionaries come and go over the years and one of their first questions is "So, are you going to stay?" Of course, this question tugs at your heart because my answer is always, "I wish I could?"

Now you can see why I get a strange feeling when I try and answer the question, How long? So, my answer has typically been 3 years, 5 years maybe forever. Who really knows other than God right? I put it in Gods hands. There are quite literally hundreds of things that could happen. I go there not thinking about the end result only today. God in the present moment.

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Marlene said...

What an awesome experience ahead of you Brother Chris. God certainly has great plans with you and the other brothers willing and capable instruments in fulfilling it. You have your work cut out for you, and I know with all your hard work and our prayers united, wonderful things will unfold!
Thanks for sharing with the use of the blog...I look forward to your updates. God Bless!