Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who's Going?

Many people have asked me about the other brothers going to Amatongas. I have included below the announcement message from our Superior General.

At its meeting of June 10, 2010, the superior general in council, after having received the approbation of their respective superiors, named four Brothers to the first missionary team that will go to Amatongas, Mozambique. Those selected are Brothers Luc Favreau (Pictured above on Left) of the province of Brazil; Ángel Monge Ormaechea (next picture), Spain-Peru;
Fabian Jongwe (next picture), Eastern and Southern Africa;and Chris Sweeney (Above Right), New Orleans. These Brothers will establish a general secondary school and a technical school, which will include a residency department.

If all goes according to plan, Brothers Luc, Ángel, and Chris will arrive in Amatongas at the start of February 2011. Brother Fabian, who will pronounce his perpetual vows this summer and who will complete his degree program at Tangaza College in Nairobi next May, will join the others in Amatongas in May or June 2011.

We congratulate these Brothers on having been selected. We will accompany them in prayer so that their ministry among the young people of Mozambique will be fruitful.

The superior general in council thanks the twenty-two Brothers who volunteered to be part of this first team and hopes that every Brother in the Institute, with enthusiasm and fervor, will keep this endeavor in Amatongas in their prayers.

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