Friday, December 3, 2010

Google Earth Pic

Yes, this is the school and parish on Google Earth. If you don't have Google Earth already, go to the website and download. Then, type in the coordinates, 19° 06’ 10.66" S  33° 48’ 35.93" E, and explore the world of Amatongas, Mozambique, pretty exciting and pretty remote.

The thumbtack in the photo above is just touching the church and the school is just to the left. The building in front of the church and school is the workshop, and the four houses just in front of the workshop are the parish houses. We will be living in one of the guest houses temporarily until our residence is refurbished next to the school, not sure which one.

We have finished our formal classes and will spend the next few weeks traveling the province. It's actually been good to talk a little more with brothers and get away from the classroom. More pictures coming soon from Brazil.

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