Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Blessings

It was indeed an Easter Blessing to wake up Sunday morning a take my first shower in more than three weeks, and a hot shower as well.

We had a beautiful Easter Vigil beginning at 8:00 PM with great singing and dancing to celebrate our Lord's resurrection. After the vigil the whole congregation gathered for cake, cookies and mango juice prepared by the Brothers in Amatongas.

One other bit of news was the beginning of the rebuilding of our new/old residence. This residence was formerly used by the Franciscans when they first built the school 50 years ago. Since Independence in 1972, it has been used for teachers for a few years and then basically abandoned for at least the last 10 years or so. Work is expected to take 5-6 months.

We'll be up on the third floor.

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