Friday, April 15, 2011

Lots going on

        Well, there's so much going on here it's hard to begin. However, I'll start with a very difficult challenge. I have been walking past this huge saw many times a day and have been wondering why it's not working. Come to find out that it does work, but the belts need to be replaced. The problem is they can't find these belts anywhere in South Africa, hard to believe I know. So, I figured if the internet is good for anything it would be this, to try and find these belts. If you know anyone in the lumber business, or big belt business, please let me know. I can send more pictures. The result of an operational saw could mean big money for the school in the future.

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Section of old belt, very thick

Rumor is this originally came from Switzerland

Our other challenge with running water is still another major problem. We need a new pump and it doesn't look like we will get one anytime real soon.

Takes many men to lift pump and pipes from 50 meters down

Please enjoy our new video below, Amatongas, student interview and Solidarity.

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Ryan said...

Hi Br. Chris!

The VEM company appears to be based in Germany. This might be a stretch but it looks like there is a Distribution / Sales Rep located in South Africa. Maybe they can extend some local help by visiting and looking at The Saw?

Here is the contact info for the group in South Africa:

Electric Motors & Components Ltd.
P.O.Box 15300
Hurleyvale 1611
South Africa

phone 1: +27 11 9748487
phone 2: +27 11 9748489
fax: +27 11 9749704


Please let me know if we can help further...

God Bless & Good luck,