Friday, March 23, 2012

Malaria and Construction Update

This would not be a real blog if I didn't include some reality of the place we live. After 13 1/2 months my luck has run out. Yesterday it was confirmed through a blood test that I indeed have the dreaded malaria parasites running around in my blood. It was only a matter of time really as it seems everyone here eventually gets malaria. I was the last holdout of the brothers in Amatongas. Fortunately for me, it appears this is a mild strain and I recognized it early on. I am presently on my second day of a three day regimen of medication and other than a slight headache, soreness throughout my body and some irritating diarrhea, I seem to be doing better.

I have to say this though. I have mentioned Bill Gates before on this blog, not that I have anything against him. However, if the goal of his foundation is to eradicate malaria in the next two decades is going to succeed then perhaps he should start with investigating how the small rural villages in Africa don't even have access to tests and medication. The brothers here had to go find and purchase malaria tests and medications so we could at least have them for our boarding students.

Anyway, on to much better and happier news. It has been a pleasing sight to see the rapid changes to our school in the last few weeks. Many days one can find as many as 15 workers on campus painting, chipping away at concrete or mixing cement. The students and teachers are anxiously awaiting and anticipating better days ahead. Thanks again to our friends at África Directo and Fundación Profesor Uría for your hard work. You will never be forgotten in Amatongas.

New blackboards painted on all classroom walls

Six new fluorescent lights installed in all classrooms

New outlets installed in all classrooms

New bathrooms for teachers

Outside of school offices being painted
Looking forward to better days ahead

Installation of new electrical lines is hard work
The rains finally arrive in Amatongas

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