Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Begins on Classroom Repairs

You may have heard the sounds of a grand celebration from across the globe as work began this week to repair our classrooms. New electrical wiring and new lighting is being installed in all classrooms as well as new doors and a great amount of paint.

A huge amount of thanks which can't adequately be put into words is presently being shared with our friends in Madrid Spain at África Directo and Fundación Profesor Uría. Br. Angel has been leading the effort to keep everyone in Madrid updated on our needs.

We look forward to sharing the news on our progress with many pictures.

Students in our classrooms will one day sit on new desks

Much hammering will be done
for the new electrical lines

Months of painting ahead

Work will be done on three classrooms
at a time during school 
Workers began building new doors from scratch

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