Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Corn, Corn, Corn, and more Corn

We spent the last week or two buying corn for the rest of the year. To say it was and adventure would be putting it mildly and the pictures below tell only part of the story. If you read the blog regularly you know that corn is the main staple of our diet here. We feed our 54 resident students around 20 kg per day, so it was important that we buy corn, and lots of it, now while the prices are low. As of today we have purchased around 5,000 kg.

The people are eager to sell us their corn. They arrive on bikes or walk long distances with heavy corn on their heads to sell us even a small amount of corn. However, we are saving them perhaps two days or more of travel by driving to their homes. The drives are long and hard on our small truck, sometimes driving down roads that I am sure have not been traveled in months. In our five trips I think we saw a total of five other vehicles at some point on the journey.

Thanks to our 27 sponsors we have the funds to purchase enough corn now for the remainder of the year and a little more. Without our sponsors I am not sure what we would have done. You are all a blessing.

Collecting corn at our first stop

1000 kg in a small truck
On this trip we were joined by Br. Jose Roberto, Provincial from Brazil. He is pictured above balancing the gallon jug on his head. He helped us measure and load our truck on this particular day. Thanks Br. Jose, and all the brothers and friends in Brazil, for all your help.
Families waiting on the side of the trail for us.
Some come by on bikes to sell their corn

Corn is measured using a gallon container, around 5kg

We draw big crowds wherever we go

Our take after 4 days of corn buying, about 4,000 kg

Each sack is measured individually

Br. Fabian with fan club

The trail they wanted me to drive down,
no problem there's a road there, really

Poor beyond words in the bush
In other news, new windows were installed on one of the classrooms making a big difference in the look.
Roquito loves the new windows
Showing off new windows

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Jordan Haddad said...

Hey Br. Chris!! I'm so happy to be able to keep up with you and the mission via this blog! Keep up the awesome work and love-giving! Y'all are in my small prayers.