Sunday, April 1, 2012

Desks Arrive in Amatongas

Since our arrival in Amatongas 13 months ago, we have dreamed of having new desks so our students would not have to sit on the floor. It is hard to put into words our feelings and reactions when we saw the arrival of 100 new desks. Thanks be to God for this gift and for everyone working at and supporting África Directo and Fundación Profesor Uría. You really have made dreams come true.

New desks arrive in Amatongas

Kids line up to help move new desks

Moving desks into classrooms
Students help to move desks 

Students test out the new desks

A classroom with new paint, lighting, chalk board and desks

Another new classroom


Anonymous said...

The classrooms look amazing. It seems like very exciting times over there! Keep the photos coming please!

Anonymous said...

You are all doing a fantastic job! It's so great to see how everyone is working together to accomplish your goals!! Many blessings to all and lots of prayer!
~Sister Michele, CSFN