Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mutuchila Veggies

As promised the trip ends at our new Mutuchila Farm. From what I've heard the Franciscans used this valley by the Mutuchila river to farm about 200 hectares, almost 500 acres. After the war people slowly moved on to the area and we now presently have about 20 hectares (50 acres), but we're trying to acquire more. The farm is mainly used for corn and beans, but we now are planting a large vegetable garden thanks to new irrigation equipment. Thanks again to our friends from Manos Unidas for donating the pump, hoses and sprinklers that are now used everyday. We are presently planting cabbage, onions, tomato's and couve which will be happily consumed by our borders and then the excess will be sold in the market.

Our two new sprinklers...

...get used twice a day.

The caretakers children watching the cabbage grow.

Our new pump by the river.

Tomato's, cabbage and onions almost ready to harvest.

Karine, a volunteer from Canada, helps to plant tomato's

Marie-Pierre (Canada), our photographer, has her picture taken for once.

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