Thursday, December 12, 2013

Help Us On the Way to 106

Yes, we're on our way to 106 boarders when the next school year begins in February, 2014. What started out as a small operation continues to grow, it seems every day. With 50 of these boarders being orphans from the local area, it makes our task much harder, but all the more rewarding.

We want to first thank all of those who sponsored orphans this past year. Without your help our little mission would not be possible. You have given these young men hope for the future and in Mozambique it's all about the future.

I can't highlight all our sponsors on this blog, but I would like to spotlight a few. First, thanks to the de Brueys family in Baton Rouge for sponsoring the four students below in 2013 and have already renewed for 2014. Edson, Hortencio, Quizito and Francisco not only receive an education, they also get three great meals a day, clothes, school uniform, bookbag with school supplies, toiletries, a place to study at night and last but not least friends for a lifetime. All of these things are paid for by the $300 per year sponsorship for one student.
Edson, Hortencio, Quizito and Francisco

I would also like to highlight and thank our volunteer community of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Baton Rouge who sponsor Lazaro. The brothers sent me this picture below which is a picture of Lazaro that has been placed in the brothers chapel. The brothers not only have made sacrifices to sponsor Lazaro, but also pray for him every day. There are presently 6 different communities of brothers sponsoring 9 of our orphans. I'm not sure if we would have made it this far without their help.
A picture of Lazaro in the Brothers Chapel
In less than two months we will be doubling the number of boarding students which also means we double the number of orphans. And yes, I'm already getting nervous thinking about feeding, clothing, and caring for the new boarders, especially the 25 new orphans. However, I know God will provide us through new sponsors.
Our new beds are ready to go for 2014

How do we feed twice the number of kids?

Will the little ones in Amatongas have a future?
Click on the sponsor link on this page or go here to join our Louisiana Marathon fundraiser. The countdown to February 2014 is on.

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