Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orphan Interview for 2014

We like to interview our new orphans before they arrive the first day. The reason for the interview is to get to know the student better, make sure they are truly in need and ensure their desire for a good education. With so many students wanting to board with us, the interview has become essential. Yesterday we were lucky to have Br. Jose Ignacio, our Superior General in Rome, join us for the afternoon.

Betinho Nicon is a 13 year old 8th grader who lost both parents due to illness a few years ago. He and his brothers and sisters live with their grandmother about 9 kilometers east of Amatongas. He has been walking to and from school each day, about a 2 hour journey one way. Br. Fabian, Betinho's English teacher, noticed he would come late to class frequently and suggested he come board with us.
The walk into a small village
Betinho's grandmother is an elderly, but strong, woman taking care of many children. She was excited for her grandson and asked how many more we could take.

Meeting with Betinho and his grandmother 
 Betinho and his brother sleep in this mud hut...
Br. Jose Ignacio picture in front of Betinho's small hut
 ...with no electricity or water. We didn't see many clothes in the hut, or books, radios, etc.
Betinho (red shirt) with his brother inside their mud hut
 As a boarder, Betinho will receive a real bed, three meals a day, clothing, school uniform, school supplies, a place to study at night, tutoring and much more. Hopefully, someone out there will want to sponsor Betinho or others like him.
The sister looks on...

...and three other children as well. 
Betinho's grandmother was very excited to offer us two chickens as gifts of thanks.

Offering gifts of chickens as thank you

You never know who will show around the corner

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