Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Early Christmas Gift

Thanks to a generous donation in the memory of the mother and father of Br. Noel Lemmon, SC, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Louis Lemmon, Sr., we now have a new roof on the building we are renovating to one day use as a new dorm. The roof was installed in just two weeks and is made of only metal materials. The two big rooms could house around 50-60 new boarders. However, as you can see there's plenty of work left to do. New windows, doors, electricity, floors and of course new beds and lockers will be installed during the 2015 school year, or as we get funds to complete the work. We are very thankful though that the hardest part of the job is done and just before the rainy season. 

The new roof looks great,
but the floor really looks like it went through a war

Just lacking new windows and doors now

A new front wall had to be built to support the roof on one section

Just in case you forgot what it looked like before

This outdoor bathroom next to the new dorm could be renovated as well

It even has some nice tile 

The old toilets need a little work though

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