Saturday, October 9, 2010

ecos das crianças (Echoes of the Children)

It has been one week since my arrival in Brasil and I'm sorry it has taken so long to post something. However, I will start posting more often. My wi-fi internet conncection is not the greatest, but I can come down to the brothers computer room where it's much better.

It has been a whirlwind of activity since my arrival in this beautiful country. I'll share some pictures later, but I wanted to begin with a reflection of my overall experience. First, the brothers have been incredibly hospitable. I live with 9 other brothers in a formation house with 4 postulants getting ready for the novitiate. I would be considered one of the old guys, now that's different. The house is located on the grounds of an education center for poor children. I titled the post "Echoes of the Children" because of what I hear each day outside my window. We have all experienced times when we hear large groups of children playing. The only way I can describe it is by recalling to mind that high pitched "echo" as you hear bits and pieces of conversation intermingled with screaming, laughing and balls bouncing. It seems to be even more pronounced when there are trees and walls to echo the sounds. Brasil seems to be filled with these echoes not only from children but from the sounds of the city. Certainly it comes with the territory when you have your windows open all the time. Though these echoes are distracting while trying to study and learn a new language, I am learning to soak it in, like soaking in life. Is this something we Americans have lost, because of AC, TV, and the PC?

Stay tuned for pictures coming soon. até logo

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