Sunday, October 24, 2010

First meeting & new pictures from Amatongas

Three of the four brothers going to Amatongas, Br. Lucas, Br. Angel and myself, met for the first time together Friday in Lins, Brasil at the Brothers community. Br. Fabian, from Zimbabwe, who is the fourth member of the group is finishing his degree work in Kenya and obviously could not be at the meeting.  Together with two of our General Councilors from Rome, Br. Gaston and Br. Denis, and Br. Jose Roberto, Provincial of Brasil, we talked about the recent visit in Amatongas by Br. Lucas and our Superior General, Br. Jose Ignatio. Some of the things we talked about were practical like what we need to do to get our visas, while others were more specific, like where we are going to live. We also found out at this meeting that the school presently operating on campus has 800 students attending classes in three sessions each day. Some classes have as many as 70 students, an interesting little piece of information. Also, some work has already begun repairing the students dorm. We will be meeting again on Tuesday here in Marilia. Below, please check out the new pictures Br. Lucas shared with us at the meeting.

New Amatongas Pictures

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