Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tower of Babel in Brasil

Brothers Angel, Lucas and Chris at 1st meeting in Lins, Brasil
First, I now have almost 30 subscribers. Thanks everyone for subscribing to this blog, the pressure is on now.

Let me see if I can set the seen for you. Br. Angel, far left, speaks Spanish, a little English and gets along pretty well in Portuguese. Br. Lucas, middle, speaks French and Portuguese, a little English and Spanish. Myself, far right, well, I think I speak English and a little Portguese. So, you can imagine what it was like at our 2nd meeting today in Marilia, Brasil.

I am starting to understand a little more each day reading and listening, but I'm having trouble speaking. As some of you may know, I am a bit quiet by nature, so I almost have to force myself to talk. It will only improve through practice.

Our meeting was difficult without interpreters this time. However, we were able to talk a little about a few details. We decided we will try and arrive in Johannesburg on Feb. 2nd or 3rd, no mom not before Feb., and then try and fly into Beira together. It looks like there's only one flight into Beira each day, at least on SAA, South Africa Airlines. Also, we decided to write a letter to the fourth member of our group, Br. Fabian, who is finishing studies in Kenya right now. We wish he could be here with us, but school comes first.

Incidentally, I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine on facebook. She commented about all of the political ads on TV and the millions of dollars being spent. BTW, it's the same here in Brasil, and possibly worse. Anyway, It seems like the ultimate waste of money, especially when you realize the people in Amatongas, where were going, feed their families on a dollar a day.

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Br. Kevin said...

So it seems as if you will be able to be home during January then. Lucky! I'm glad the meetings went well and you guys are working everything out.