Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Info. on Desks

           Yes, you read this correctly. I have new information on desks. I can't think of too many needs greater in a new school than desks, talk about something I would normally take for granted. However, I began to think about the need for desks when I learned that some students don't have desks or the desks they have are falling apart. So, I began my search for information on purchasing or building desks in or near Amatongas.

          After a few weeks I was ready to give up until I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger and missionary in the same area. Check out the pictures above and below from his blog LOVEMOZ. Each desk cost about $25, is solidly built and sits two maybe three students. He thinks we might be able to get them cheaper if ordering in bulk. Better yet, the desks came from Chimoio, a city less than an hour from Amatongas. It would be great to get these ordered ahead of our arrival so the students could have desks for the beginning of next school year. What a dream!!!???

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