Monday, February 28, 2011

Br. Lucas arrives

Br. Lucas finally arrived yesterday bringing our group together for the first time in Amatongas, and only a month after our planned arrival. He made the trip from Brazil with no problems and all of his four pieces of luggage. We travel to Chimoio on Friday to meet with the Bishop, who will officially welcome us to Mozambique.

Br. Chris, Br. Lucas and Br. Angel together in Amatongas

There was even more good news from Moz. today as I received approval for my Residency Visa. I had to travel to Maputo last week to get a stamp for some paperwork. Yes, three days of travel for one lousy stamp, amazing indeed. However, it's all done.


Sylvie Favreau said...

I'm very happy that Br. Lucas is arrived, you make a beautiful picture ...
I hope that he feel good.
I'm Lucas's sister.
So have a good day..
Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

I'm too happy to receive news of my cousin Lucas. We will in presence of a good helper and support . We are really proud of him.

Go on for good jobs an Amatongas !

Abra├žos do Canada !