Saturday, February 12, 2011


The word for the day is "Patience". There is so much to do here, but we must wait for things to be organized. We are still awaiting our third member of the community from Brazil, Br. Lucas. Br. Angel arrived from Spain about a week late and without his luggage which he has still not received. Even the carry on bag he brought with him was stolen in Beira while eating lunch, just one more for the book. We have spent our time trying to get our little community organized. We were provided a small guest house, however with nothing inside for cooking.

For all those sponsors out there awaiting the information on your student, I just ask for increased patience as well. It should only be a few more weeks. There are presently 32 boarding students and it is taking a little time getting to know them, getting pictures and other information from them. Please know I am working on it. Of course, not having interent in Amatongas is a major difficulty and we have to wait for a ride into the town of Chimoio to send e-mail and post. I again thank all of you.

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