Saturday, February 5, 2011

First few days

Hello from Mozambique, So sorry it has taken so long to do this. There is no internet in Amatongas and we are taking our first trip to the thriving city of Chimoio, 50 Km to the west. I have limited time here in this internet cafe, not to mention the very slow computers and connection. I had an uneventful trip here with no delays and only one small problem with luggage, but most everything of importance made it through.

I have spent the first few days recovering from jet lag and getting accustumed to the place. It is quite beautiful with rolling hills and corn stalks growing in every nook and corner. They are expecting a great harvest do to the daily rains. Also, it cools down to the mid 70´s at night making it easy for sleeping.

The highlight of my first few days here was the mass outside in a very rural chapel, dirt floors and thatch roof.  It was an incredible experience I will cherish. The people were so hospitable and, of course, the singing was in perfect harmony.

Hopefully, I will have pictures for you soon. I don´t know how long it will take before we have internet, but it might be few weeks.

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Stephen said...

Glad you're off to a fine start. We will be following along your latest journey. Love, Cousin Stephen