Saturday, February 18, 2012

Amatongas Library, Pig House and Farm

I have mentioned in the past about the lack of textbooks in the school. This, of course, is not a isolated problem as I have learned that very few schools in Mozambique have textbooks for students. Anyway, we received a few boxes of books a few weeks ago, but only a few resource books now make up the Amatongas Library.

As you can see in the picture below, students can check out the only textbooks for the school and they must copy by hand. The only other method is for teachers to read from the book and then the students copy what the teacher reads. We are thinking of using a copy machine in Chimoio to copy a few more textbooks to make it easier for the students. We are hoping it will not be too expensive.

The Amatongas Library

Students copying from the only textbooks in school
 Our pig house was in need of expansion as we are awaiting the birth of three litters from our sows any day now. We constructed the space so that it would be easy to wash down with a hose. The pig quarters are washed out twice a day by our worker, Zeca. It must be the cleanest pig house in all of Moz.
Pig house expansion

Sow enjoying her new larger home
 Resident students put in a few hours of work planting beans in our farm recently. We will hopefully be harvesting 3 hectares of beans in a few months.

Resident students planting beans Saturday morning

Santos planting beans and smiling as always

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