Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The nets go up!

If the electricity would cooperate, I could meet my goal of posting one blog a week. I'm getting close.

Monday we finally found some Mosquito nets in Chimoio for about $3.70. Br. Angel and students finished installing the nets today. In case you don't know, sleeping under a net is one of the best ways to prevent mosquito bites and preventing malaria. We hope it helps our students who have been having a difficult time lately with sickness due to malaria.

Br. Angel and students putting up nets

Br. Angel and students in dorm
 Since we don't have a machine to dry our corn, it must be done the old fashioned way. Our students put the corn out most days to be dried under the sun. We didn't harvest as much as we would have liked, but it will help. We are hoping next year will be better.
Students putting up corn

Students gather to put corn into storage
 It took 13 people seven full working days to clear the corn field and make it ready to plant beans. As of last night the rains returned after a two week dry spell and bean planting began today. Beans are very popular here. Though they look a little different from our red kidney beans back home, they taste just like good ole fashion Red Beans and Rice in Louisiana. And the answer is "yes", I even found some Tobasco in one of the Indian owned stores. Now if I could just teach them how to make good cornbread.
Corn field cleared and ready for beans

Workers clearing corn field
 It was strange to see a rainbow in the middle of a two week dry spell here lately. Though it's not great, in the picture below the rainbow soars over the church.
Rainbow over Immaculate Conception Church

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