Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Daily Schedule

First, I want to thank my family, brothers, friends and God for giving me this opportunity to work in Amatongas. Saturday, Feb. 4 2011, I arrived in Mozambique. It has been one incredible year.

Since the students arrived three weeks ago our days go by like a flash. I thought I would share with you our daily schedule to give a sense of our day. As you may remember, our school actually has three sessions, one in the morning, one beginning after lunch and an evening session for those who work during the day. Our resident students attend either the morning or afternoon session. Below is the schedule for the students attending school in the morning. The difference, of course, for the students who attend school in the afternoon is that they study in the morning. The different schedules require student monitoring all day, every day.

           AM Schedule

  5:25              Roll Call
  5:30              House cleaning jobs
  6:00              Bathroom
  6:30              Breakfast
6:45               Class for AM students
12:00              Lunch
13:15              Study for AM students
14:15              Break
14:45-             Study for AM students
16:00              Recreation for AM Students
18:30              Supper
19:00              Prayers,Various
20:00              Study for all
21:30              Sleep


Fr. Jose with students at first Mass of the year
Every week Mass is celebrated on Sunday and Tuesday by our pastor, Fr. Jose.
Fr. Jose distributes communion while Br. Lucas leads the singing

Student Monitors, in blue,  lead the residents before each meal

Meals are served family style

New front entrance to resident student area
with kitchen in background
 Br. Lucas began teaching a full load of physics classes in the evenings. In the picture below he is teaching to 48 students in a classroom with two small lightbulbs.
Br. Lucas teaching physics at night

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