Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy in Amatongas

We're back! I know many people believed we were lost in the Mozambican floods, but nope, we are still here and going strong.

It has been a little over a month since my return from R&R in Louisiana and the action hasn't stopped. School began classes in the middle of January and our resident students returned eager to study and eat. I will be posting many pictures here in the next few days.

Many people say they don't see me in the pictures, ok maybe it was just my mom, so I am starting off with a picture of me and Roquito on our new tractor. Thanks to our friends in Spain from Manos Unidas we now have a 75hp John Deere tractor to help us around the farm. Actually, since its arrival last week we have used it everyday helping us harvest the corn and since it has been raining daily we couldn't have done the work without a tractor. The resident students help us out a little on the weekends and as you can see they have fun while working.

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Drew Haro said...

Wonderful! So proud of you, Bro.