Sunday, February 24, 2013

Electricity Out Again

The electricity was out most of the weekend, my only real excuse for not posting. That should be sufficient. Actually, we have been pretty lucky here of late. The electricity normaly goes out during rain and/or wind, however there was no reason this weekend.

I meant to upload some of these pictures in my previous post, but I just recently found them buried in our computer.

Residents read over the rules and regulations of program

The new residents are welcomed by the old

Br. Fabian knows how to mix the new guys in with basketball

Our Director, Br. Lucas, organizing in the office

This weekend members of our Immaculate Conception Parish youth group helped with harvesting the corn and planting beans. They are putting in some service before getting ready to go as a group to the Diocese wide Palm Sunday weekend celebrations about 50kms away near Chimoio. Some of our residents are members of the Youth Group as well.
The people here love roasting fresh picked corn, yummm

Marcos, one of our Resident Monitors, joins in the work

Parish Youth Group picking corn

Random Pic of the Day - Our local market across the street from school

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