Thursday, February 28, 2013

Superior General Visits Amatongas

Br. Jose Ignacio (right) and Br. Ray Hetu (left)
The Superior General of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart arrived Wednesday to begin his official visit to the community in Amatongas. Br. Jose Ignacio Carmona is joined by General Councilor Br. Ray Hetu. Brothers Jose and Ray will be visiting for about a week. They are just finishing a two month visit to our brothers communities in Eastern and Southern Africa, Lesotho, Zimabawe, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.

The brothers join our boarders for supper each night

Resident students perform a traditional dance for the visitors

Residents students welcome our special visitors....

....with personal letters.

Residents helping to dry corn on the roof

Resident students in the new school uniform

Who doesn't have tons of corn drying on their roof????

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Kelsey Schexnayder said...

I like the new uniforms Bro. Chris!