Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Desks Arrive Just in Time

Once again, thanks to Africa Directo and CAM for the donation of new desks for our school in Amatongas. Since last year we have been able to add 225 new desks to the school. The desks actually seat two students, so that's new seating for 450 students. This year we added an 11th grade and the desks were very much needed for the beginning of school. Next year we will continue to expand with the addition of a 12th grade.

Currently we have over 900 students attending school in three different groups, one in the morning (7:00-11:30 AM), one in the afternoon (12:00-4:30 PM), and the night school (5:30-10:00 PM). Needless to say our campus is busy and full of students all day and night. Never a dull moment in Amatongas.

Before the desks some students sat on the floor
...actually most of the students

Some teachers even brought the class outside

 New Desks arrive to save the day

50 new desks arrive stacked on a small truck
Resident students help move desks into new 11th grade classroom

New 11th grade classroom

1st completely finished classroom in school building


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